lessons with marjo

Teacher Marjo van Westerop (55)

I love to share my 45 years of experience in recreational music to the new generation. I'll do this with a lot of love and pleasure


We provide you recorder and clarinet lessens for young and old!


Children are welcome form the age of 6.

For clarinet the minimum age is 10 years


Older people are welcome as long as they have fun!

In the recorder lessons we will work with the 1st / 2nd / 3rd book (incl. CD) by Tom Stone and it is advised to play on an Aura recorder with English fingering.

For clarinet lessons we use the book from Sibe & Mol (clarinet availability please contact me)


Recorder books and CD's / Clarinet books for sale f.e. Bol.com.

Or via the teacher